What’s New In Generative AI with Aible - Oct 2023

I have spent much of my career fighting dashboards – those ubiquitous but inflexible means of looking at the same metrics every day.

Aible Partners with Google Cloud to Lower Cost of Analysis By 1,000x and Time to Results from Months to Days.

Aible, the only enterprise AI solution that guarantees impact in 30 days, is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

The Aible Payback Guarantee: AI That Delivers Impact In One Month

There is a reason why you have never heard of a payback guarantee from an AI company before. Well, until now. Aible offers a payback guarantee because of the unique way in which our technology and methodology works, as well as our pioneering way of doing business collaboratively.

What's New in Aible -
July 2022

How to Eliminate Bias and Ensure Fairness in AI.Ever since we launched Aible Sense on Valentine’s Day this year (our “features you will love” release) , customers loved the automated features in Sense such as automated data cleansing, automated feature creation, automated data evaluation, etc.

Gartner Market Guide for Multipersona Data Science and ML Platforms

We are extremely excited about Gartner’s focus on the Multipersona Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms space which reflects the needs of the business user / citizen data scientist / analyst personas.

How to Eliminate Bias in AI

Eliminating bias in AI has emerged as one of the most important challenges in technology.

Introducing Aible Sense and Aible Explore

Our Valentine’s Gift to You: Go From Overwhelming Data To Valuable Insights in Minutes

Strategy-First AI: The Key to AI Success

An MIT-BCG study found that a mere 10% of organizations achieve financial benefits with AI. This is because businesses often unwittingly deploy a set of tactics with their AI that’s in conflict with their overall strategic objectives.

Aible Helps Lengow Identify Customers with 50X value with AI

Lengow is a successful Paris-based e-commerce automation SaaS solution that helps more than 3,600 merchants across 45 countries with their e-commerce strategy, by enabling them to optimize product data and sell their products worldwide on all distribution channels:

3 Reasons Supply Chains and Manufacturing Should Consider AI

Supply chains continue to face unprecedented challenges.According to a recent survey by the Institute of Supply Management

3 High-Impact AI Use Cases for Higher Education

Higher Education Is Facing Unprecedented Challenges. In the last decade, the US has seen an enrollment decline rate of over 2 million students. Now in the wake of Covid, institutions are faced with a fresh set of problems around student enrollment, student and faculty retention, donor engagement, marketing spend optimization and more.

Aible vs. the Competition – Why Only Aible Guarantees Impact in 30 Days

With more than 800 AI vendors in the AWS Marketplace alone, the marketplace is crowded and confusing for anyone looking for an AI solution.

Why IT Needs to be Core to the AI Process

Organizations typically have three distinct data systems – operational systems, which are managed by IT, analytical systems, and systems of integration. Artificial intelligence, with its roots in data science, is trained on the analytics systems.

Make CRM Smarter with AI

CRM software has created plenty of operational efficiencies, helping sales teams navigate customers through the entire lifecycle, from sales lead to company advocate. At its best, CRM helps sales teams

7 Principles of Successful AI

According to a 2020 survey by MIT-Sloan and the Boston Consulting Group, only 10% of companies report seeing any financial gains from their AI investments. Too often, AI fails to follow fundamental principles that ensure that AI solves critical business problems and delivers sustained impact.

AIBLE is the Strategic Planning Platform Focused on ROI

Aible is built from the ground up for one purpose: Business Impact. Easy-to-Understand ROI is at the heart of everything we do.

Your AI already has a strategy. But does it align with your overall business strategy?

You hear a lot of business people talk about their corporate AI strategy. But not many people stop to consider that any AI they have in place already has a strategy of its own.

Aible Partners with Boomi to Deliver Unprecedented Opportunities for IT and Business Teams to Deliver Business Impact

Aible brings AI to Boomi Atomsphere –enabling teams to create business impact with AI directly within their business applications.

Banking in Turbulent Times: How AI Can Optimize Product and Marketing Mix

It’s no exaggeration to say that the pandemic has turned our personal and professional lives upside down.

Using AI to Optimize Marketing and Supply Chain in Uncertain Times

Getting your retail marketing and supply chain efforts optimized and working in sync is a complex undertaking under any circumstances. But the COVID crisis has made a difficult job even more daunting.

AI That Shoots at the Right Target

Statisticians like to categorize errors into Type 1 (False Positives) and Type 2 (False Negatives). But experienced data scientists know that the most important errors in AI are "Type 3" errors. The term was coined in 1948 by statistician Fred Mosteller, the founding chairman of Harvard’s statistics department. Mosteller defined a Type 3 error as “correctly rejecting the null hypothesis for the wrong reason." In colloquial terms, a Type 3 error means giving the right answer to the wrong question.

How Aible Overcomes the Limitations of Forecasting

Forecasting has long been a mainstay of business, a way to analyze the past and predict what is likely to happen in the future. Forecasting is a top-down process in which a small group of experts create a model they believe best fits the business, given what’s happened in the past. Most of these forecasting methods have remained virtually unchanged for decades.

In Turbulent Times, You Need AI That’s Flexible.

With businesses facing unprecedented uncertainty, some companies have turned to AI looking for “an answer.” But these businesses are already on the wrong track – ¬any AI that produces a single answer for how to navigate the months ahead is bound to be wrong. The fact is, business assumptions and expectations are changing so fast that any answer AI comes up with will soon be invalid.

How Strategy and Tactics Come Together in Aible Business

Aible Business enables organizations to bring strategy and tactics together in order to navigate turbulent times. Now more than ever, organizations need to formulate a clear business strategy based on informed assumptions and have that align with tactics in order to respond and scale to rapidly changing business conditions.

How AI Can Help You Save Jobs

Companies worldwide are making massive job cuts in the face of unprecedented economic uncertainty. In the U.S. alone, jobless claims have exceeded 20 million in just four weeks, a level of unemployment not seen since the Great Depression.

The World Has Changed Overnight

The world has changed overnight and all of your previous business assumptions are suddenly out of date. Everything from cost-per-click to deal size is fundamentally different and likely to keep changing over the coming months. What’s needed is an AI that can respond automatically to shifting business conditions to help businesses navigate uncertain times. Aible analyzes the impact of rapidly changing business assumptions and delivers an efficient frontier of dynamically-balanced models that are optimized for a wide range of potential business realities. Those optimizations are further refined by end user feedback, which acts as a proxy for data in order to inform business strategy. Models are continuously monitored to see if business outcomes match predictions in order to guide focused retraining and the selection of new models.

Go Beyond Predictions. Optimize Business Impact.

One key reason why most AI fails for business is that it generates predictions, but doesn’t take it to the next step – recommending proscriptive actions that result in business impact. Traditional AI tells a salesperson what the probability of a conversion is, but doesn’t tell them whether they should pursue a deal. But AI needs to go beyond mere predictions in order to create true value for business.

True AutoML

The trouble with AutoML today is that it’s not very automated. Sometimes, not even close. As a result, business users, data scientists and developers waste an incredible amount of time waiting for AI to happen, rather than collaborating on AI that results in what everyone wants – business-changing impact.

Business Intelligence Dashboards vs. Artificial Intelligence

At the beginning of a project, datasets are never as pristine as they are in the lab. Additionally, the business questions being asked are rarely well-formed enough to make sense from the mess found in real-world data.

Accuracy isn’t Impact

What your business needs from AI is realistic predictions that identify hidden opportunities to maximize business impact.

Future-Proof Your AI Investment

Anyone who tells you they know what AI will look like in five years is either lying or doesn’t know much about AI.

Accurately Wrong.

Does your AI have high accuracy but still not achieve the results that you want? Are you training it on the results that you care about?

Aible Reveals The Fundamental Disconnect in Artificial Intelligence

In March Aible Revealed that All AI has been Trained on the Wrong Thing – Accuracy. Now Aible Believes Leading Analysts Are Independently Saying the Same Thing. You Decide.