Intel + Aible

Intel and Aible collaborate to help enterprises
fast track impact from AI in 30 days.

Impact in 30 Days. Real-world Case Studies

Use Case: Sales opportunity prioritization

Duration: 20 days

Results: Actionable insights
on sales opportunities

Use Case: Identify insights from
Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

Duration: 15 days

Results: 20X improvement in speed
to insight

Use Case: First-time in college
student retention

Duration: 15 days

Results: 17% reduction in student attrition

The Serverless-First Advantage

Aible’s serverless-first architecture enables it to train machine learning models far faster than other ML solutions in the market today (minutes instead of days) and at significantly lower cost. Serverless computing resources are made available within seconds, avoiding traditional computing infrastructure costs such as cluster set up, data transfer fees, and network configuration establishment

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Aible and Intel are the fast path to scale 
AI everywhere.

Together, Aible and Intel enable a serverless-first approach to AI, which delivers unmatched security, optimization, and flexibility, today.


The Future of Serverless AI - Intel CitC

Arijit Sengupta, founder and CEO of Aible, joins host Jake Smith to talk about the difference between the promise of AI and actual results. Arijit talks about helping develop BeyondCore, which was acquired by Salesforce, his book AI is a Waste of Money, the current unsustainable costs of creating complex models, and why Aible takes a “serverless-first” approach to AI.


Intel and Aible team up to help enterprises fast track impact from AI in one month.

Aible will join forces with Intel to enable organizations running on Intel Architecture to automatically deliver performance optimizations to run AI workloads, including data preparation, machine learning, and MLOps tasks.