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Get started on your data journey and go from overwhelming data to valuable data. With no upfront effort, Aible Sense completely automates the data engineering and data science tasks to ensure a dataset is of sufficient quality to generate statistically valid insights, high-impact predictive models, and high-value data warehouses.

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Assesses Your Data Readiness

Assesses data readiness on a scale of 0-10 for a KPI you would chart on the vertical axis or an outcome a model would predict. If you are creating a predictive model, data readiness > 0 means the model is better than random chance. Any score above 0.5 is potentially useful, above 2 is likely useful and above 9 may be too good to be true.

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Detects Key Relationships in Your Data

Reveals key relationships in the data such as the variables and variable combinations that would be best to chart on the horizontal axis or would best determine the outcome you want to predict.

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Automated Data Cleansing

Aible frees you from time consuming data cleansing by conducting 8 data quality checks and automatically fixing any issues that are found.

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Automatically Recommends
Data Enhancements

Data transformations such as derived variables (‘features’) and dataset joins are auto recommended based on whether the transformation improves the data readiness score. Transformations are auto-applied as new data arrives.

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Use Case: Sales opportunity prioritization

Duration: 20 days

Results: Actionable insights
on sales opportunities

Use Case: Identify insights from
Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

Duration: 15 days

Results: 20X improvement in speed
to insight

Use Case: First-time in college
student retention

Duration: 15 days

Results: 17% reduction in student attrition