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Aible Explore enables your team to brainstorm with their data. Open world exploration reveals new paths for discovery and helps to identify patterns and relationships among variables. With guided data exploration and augmented analytics, Aible Explore helps business users visually understand business drivers, uncover root causes, and identify contextual insights in minutes.

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Context-aware Smart Dashboards

Deliver dynamic reports and dashboards to automatically identify the top drivers for your business, without any manual work. Search for a variable (e.g. State) or variable-value (e.g. California) to generate a focused dashboard that shows you everything that you need to understand about that concept, in order of importance. Leverage next-level Augmented Insights to reduce dashboard creation time to seconds and get today’s insights today, even under changing market conditions.


Quickly Identifies What Drives Your KPIs

Identifies and ranks the top business drivers. The unique insight navigation lets users quickly uncover key underlying patterns and relationships that impact their KPIs.


Aible Automatically Explores Every Combination In Your Data

Aible helps you avoid time consuming data evaluation by automatically surfacing the most impactful insights around your KPI. Thousands of combinations are evaluated to ensure that no aspect of the data is overlooked.


Explore Your Data with Confidence

Aible automatically evaluates all patterns and validates the top insights so users can focus on identifying interesting behavior and root causes.


Enable True Collaboration Across Teams

Need a teammate or expert to review an interesting pattern you find? Assigning a task lets the collaborator view and add feedback on that individual insight.

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Use Case: Sales opportunity prioritization

Duration: 20 days

Results: Actionable insights
on sales opportunities

Use Case: Identify insights from
Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

Duration: 15 days

Results: 20X improvement in speed
to insight

Use Case: First-time in college
student retention

Duration: 15 days

Results: 17% reduction in student attrition