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AI is Accurately Wrong. Get Real World AI with Aible.

Accuracy isn’t Impact
In business, the benefit of a correct AI prediction is never equal to the cost of a wrong one. An AI trained for accuracy will never recognize your cost-benefit tradeoffs.
Constraints Matter
All businesses operate with real resource constraints such as marketing budgets and sales capacity. An AI trained for accuracy isn’t built to work within the operational constraints of your business.
The Problem with AutoML
AutoML evaluates and lists AI based on accuracy. You have to choose the right AI. Aible starts with three questions about your business, then crafts a Real World AI that delivers the best business impact.
Traditional AutoML requires people to translate between business and AI. Aible flips the equation and has taught AI how to speak business.

How Aible Delivers Real AI

Real Cost/Benefit Tradeoffs The benefit of a correct prediction is never the same as the cost of a wrong one. Aible optimizes for the net business impact of the AI.

Real Model Requirements Regulated industries need auditable AI. Customer service needs real-time results. Aible ensures your AI conforms.

Real Operational Constraints Your operational constraints, like marketing budget or sales capacity, matter. Aible crafts an AI that respects those constraints and recommends optimizations.

Train Within Budget Aible recommends and enforces your AI training budget.

Select AI for Business Impact The winning AI optimizes business benefits, not data science metrics.

Ensure Your AI is Better Than Status Quo Your manual process may have been quite effective. Aible estimates how much better the new AI is from status quo.

Double Check Assumptions Would the winning AI change based on slight adjustments to the cost-benefit or constraints? Aible double checks for you so that you can act with confidence.

Optimize Your Resources If Aible can achieve the optimal business impact without using all of the available resources, like marketing budgets, then it helps you do more with less.

Understand Your AI How do different variables impact the selected AI’s predictions? How do different values of the variable impact predictions? How does the selected variable / value impact each of the AIs evaluated by Aible?

Deploy Anywhere You can deploy your AI as a Dockerized image that you can run on AWS or elsewhere in your enterprise.

You need AI that maximizes measurable business impact.

Early Adopter Offer: $1,000 per user, per year.

Offer valid until midnight April 30, 2019.

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