How Aible Helps Your Team Navigate Turbulent Times
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I’ve got to make a decision but how do I come up with a plan? My BI is irrelevant because the future does not look like my past. AI is

mostly irrelevant because it is trained on past data that doesn’t look like the future. My team has very different expectations about the future. Do I just rely on gut feelings?


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How do I get the people in my organization to act according to the plan? How do I operationalize a strategy at scale while preserving optionality? I can’t just do an all-hands webinar or send out a presentation to tell them what to do. Especially when I know I will have to update my assumptions over time.


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Whatever educated assumptions I make will turn out to be wrong. How do I keep up with rapidly changing business realities? How can our people on the frontlines quickly inform management about what they are seeing and how can we rapidly adjust strategies as new realities emerge? They can’t do that quickly enough via phone calls or feedback surveys.


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Aible Delivers AI Products for the Unique Skills and Needs of Your Team

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Chief Data Officer

Aible helps CDOs empower their existing team to contribute and collaborate with tools tailored to each person's needs and skills.

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Business Manager

Aible clearly shows business managers the expected ROI from each of the AI models created and how they affect KPIs.


Data Scientists

Aible ensures that data scientists get models into production quickly so users can see immediate value.

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Data Engineer
Aible ensures that data engineers can confirm quickly if existing data is suitable for training AI.
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Business Analysts
Aible makes it easy for business analysts to modify cost-benefit tradeoffs and resourcing levels to see how different AI models would affect the business.
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End Users
Aible gives end users a say in how AI models are created, specialized, and adjusted according to their specific business realities.