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Fortune 500 companies and organizations across industries are using augmented analytics and AI to drive customer acquisition and retention, reduce fraud losses, prevent employee attrition, optimize supply chain operations, and more. See how companies use Aible to deliver business impact from AI.

Case Studies

USE CASE: Sales opportunity prioritization

RESULTS: Actionable insights
on sales opportunities

DURATION: 20 days

USE CASE: Identify insights from
Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

RESULTS: 20X improvement in speed
to insight

DURATION: 15 days

USE CASE: First-time in college
student retention

RESULTS: 17% reduction in student attrition

DURATION: 15 days

USE CASE: Onboarding and first order optimization

RESULTS: $10M revenue

DURATION: 17 days

USE CASE: Perishable goods overstock & wastage

RESULTS: Reduce overstock point of purchase wastage by over 10%

DURATION: 27 days

USE CASE: Late shipment prediction and expedite optimization

RESULTS: $4M+ cost reduction

DURATION: 17 days

Use Case: First-year student retention

Results: 12% reduction in student attrition

DURATION: 30 days

USE CASE: Sales optimization

RESULTS: Identified specific
patterns to help increase expected sales efficiency by 5%

DURATION: 13 days

Use Case: Investment firm focusing in building products, construction, and real estate

Results: 10% increase in revenue

DURATION: 16 days

USE CASE: Marketing spend optimization by targeting prospects (who hadn’t made decision)

RESULTS: 50% marketing cost savings

DURATION: 17 days

USE CASE: Underpaid claims

RESULTS: 10X improvement
in speed to insight

DURATION: 10 days

Use Case: Collections Effectiveness

RESULTS: Potential to reduce
Days Outstanding on receivables

DURATION: 15 days

USE CASE: Lead and opportunity scoring

RESULTS: 20% increase in week over week sales

DURATION: 21 days

USE CASE: Understand and upsell
to an ideal customer profile

RESULTS: Identified customers with 50X value

DURATION: 30 days

USE CASE: Leading global provider of software and solutions for project based businesses

RESULTS: Increase inSales Productivity

DURATION: 19 days

Use Cases

Smarter Marketing Optimization

Discover how CMOs and marketing leaders are turning to Aible to identify their ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), optimize lead and opportunity scoring, sharpen business development, improve web and social media channels, reduce customer churn, improve upsell, and much more.

Make Your Supply Chain Work Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Discover how leading manufacturers are turning to Aible to optimize inventory expedites, improve employee retention, prevent costly stockouts, better manage warehouses, and much more.

Aible Helps Higher Education Go Higher

Leading colleges and universities are turning to Aible to improve program enrollment, drive student and faculty retention, and optimize donor outcomes.

Crush Your Sales Quota

Discover how sales leaders are turning to Aible to accelerate conversion rates, optimally allocate sales resources, maximize bookings, increase renewals and upsell opportunities, prioritize leads across different product lines and sales groups, and much more.

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