Fortune 500 technology company uses AI from Aible to identify actionable insights for sales opportunities in days
Company Profile

Fortune 500 technology company


Communications and IT




As the company migrates product offerings from on-prem and perpetual licenses to the cloud with subscription licensing, their global sales team aimed to accelerate business growth by optimizing their sales outreach efforts and better identify the highest value opportunities.


Initial data preparation, data cleansing, and analysis were completed within 5 days. Model training was completed, and analysis was shared with the tech and data teams, with only minor adjustments to the sales use case. In a matter of minutes Aible provided key insights from the data that we're validated with the executive team.


Aible helped the global sales team identify ways to increase revenue materially within days, using serverless AI.

"The fact that in a matter of minutes Aible revealed actionable insights within our data that we were not already aware of was surprising. The way it spanned strategic scenario planning, resource planning, analytics, and opportunity scoring in one single platform can be transformative for the way we manage sales.”

- Sales Technology Leader

Use Case & Project Details

  • Use Case

    Sales opportunity prioritization

  • Potential Project Results

    Actionable insights on sales opportunities

  • Time from data provision to project completion:

    20 days

  • Elapsed time from start of model training to completion of over 1,394 models on serverless infrastructure:

    2 hours total across over 5 project iterations

Just_Stat Copy-Oct-26-2022-10-44-02-6390-PM

Fortune 500 technology company uses AI from Aible to identify
actionable insights for sales opportunities in 29 days

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