Supercharge Boomi with AI
to deliver impact

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AI Recommendations Within Your Enterprise Apps

Bring the power of AI and boost your existing enterprise systems like Oracle, Netsuite, Salesforce, SAP, Marketo, Snowflake and more with optimized recommendations. Your end users across sales, marketing, supply chain, customer support, finance and other functions will be able to make an impact with every action.


Integrated Experiences Across Functions

Boomi and Aible together extend the reach of AI to 1500+ technologies and applications by integrating disparate data sources and automating AI workflows across applications, key personas, and functions. Together, the joint solution creates integrated AI experiences and future-proofs your technology investments with a flexible and open solution.


From Data To AI To Impact In 30 Days

Boomi and Aible are designed to help business teams quickly go from data to AI that helps identify opportunities and deliver impact. From lead prioritization, opportunity scoring, predicting propensity to buy, minimizing customer churn, improving operations effectiveness, Boomi and Aible guarantees impact, quickly.


Make AI a Team Sport

Together, Boomi and Aible ensure measurable results by making it easy for business teams, IT, and data science teams to collaborate with the fastest speed to value. The joint solution automates the end-to-end AI workflow and delivers flexible collaboration that is not constrained by skills gaps, time-consuming handoffs, changing business conditions, or other bottlenecks.


The Book of AI Fabrics

The AI Fabrics showcase significant opportunities to deliver impact from popular use cases such as sales and marketing optimization, customer retention, collections effectiveness, and inventory expedites.


Aible + Boomi: Balancing Impact From AI Across Functions

Learn how to link projects that impact each other while optimizing AI recommendations across related functions.


Boomi Partners with Aible to Equip Business Users with AI Insights

A unique Solution Places Low-Code AI with Business Users, Simplifying Tasks and Accelerating Time to Value