Aible has built a global network of qualified partners who can help you accelerate and democratize AI in your organization
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Technology Alliances

Aible and Tableau combine the best of impactful AI and leading business intelligence for a seamless experience for the business user.
Aible enables AWS customers to easily and securely apply impactful AI and AWS innovations such as Lambda and Sagemaker in the customer’s own AWS account.
Aible enables Azure customers to easily, securely apply impactful AI across Azure and other Microsoft products, while taking full advantage of Azure innovations such as Functions, Storage Queues, and Blob Storage.
Aible and Salesforce easily combine impactful AI and the leading CRM to optimize your sales processes and rapidly increase revenue, all while considering your resource constraints and cost-benefit trade-offs
Aible and Oracle easily combine impactful AI and leading ERP solutions such as PeopleSoft and E-Business Suite, enabling businesses to optimize each of their operational functions.
Aible and Marketo easily combine impactful AI and the leading marketing automation platform, enabling the rapid improvement of marketing campaign ROI.
Aible leverages leading edge compute architectures and innovations such as those of nVidia to drive impact in customers sales, marketing and operations KPI’s.
8 Snowflake
Aible and Snowflake easily combine impactful AI with the leading cloud data warehouse platform, enabling customers to securely drive impact without moving or copying their critical data.

System Integrators

9 Atrium
Aible and Atrium combine impactful AI with leading analytics services to meet the needs of data driven enterprises.
10 Wipro
Aible and Wipro combine impactful AI with leading, global strategy and solutions services to meet the needs of data driven enterprises.
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