The Aible + Salesforce Integration

See What Aible and Salesforce Can Do Together


Real Actionable Recommendations

You want to focus on the deals that will most impact your overall sales. Aible sorts opportunities in the order in which you should pay attention to have the highest overall business impact. Aible tells you whether the opportunity is profitable to pursue, not just whether it has a high probability of closing.


Prediction Drivers

Aible not only recommedents the most profitable accounts or customer cases to act on, but also highlights the driving reasons behind it all. This drives a deeper undersanding on why specific opportunities or customer cases are more impactful for the overall business.


Truly Customized AI

All salespeople or customer service people are not identical. Do you qualify deals or handle calls faster than others? If so, you have higher capacity. Do you host more expensive dinners for prospects? If so, your cost to pursue is higher than the average salesperson’s. Aible adjusts the models based on your unique circumstances so you get an AI optimized for You.


Collaboration and Feedback at Scale

For the first time, frontline users can now provide direct feedback over their AI models in production to quickly inform the organization of real-world conditions. That feedback informs the people creating the AI models, so that micro-adjustments can be made. Aible’s end-to-end collaborative process ensures business adoption of AI at scale.