Posted by Aible ● May 23, 2022 11:03:23 AM

Market Guide for Multipersona Data Science and ML Platforms


Aible: The Only Vendor in the Gartner CAIDS Magic Quadrant That Guarantees Impact From AI in 30 Days

The latest Gartner Cloud AI Developer Services (CAIDS) Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities reports just came out. Aible did very well against some incredibly well funded companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Dataiku, etc. In fact, our score in Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) was within 2% of the top score in the category (3.62 vs. 3.7).

However, this underlying market is shifting significantly right now. On the data & analytics side of Gartner, they even discontinued the Data Science and Machine Learning MQ as they navigate these shifts. We are extremely excited about Gartner’s focus on the Multipersona Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms space which reflects the needs of the business user / citizen data scientist / analyst personas. We completely agree with Gartner on the importance of delivering business impact and collaboration across personas. Please read the new Market Guide for Multipersona Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms. It is well worth the read. We expect to be part of this market once it turns into a Magic Quadrant in the near future. Some of my favorite recommendations in the document include:

  • Democratize the use of DSML by business personas and other non-expert data science personas by introducing multipersona DSML platforms in lines of business or across the enterprise and ecosystem, enabling the sharing of insights and experience.”

  • “Improve business value creation through DSML by using multipersona DSML platforms to move models beyond prototyping toward production, enabled by operationalization capabilities of these platforms and by fostering collaboration between citizen and expert data scientists as well as other personas.”

  • “Enable the ethical use of AI, including compliance with regulations, privacy protection and bias mitigation, by leveraging governance, risk management and responsible AI capabilities of multi-persona DSML platforms."

On the CAIDS side of Gartner though, the shifting market seems to have led to everyone other than the large cloud vendors and Fortune 500 companies being lumped into the ‘Niche’ category. Aible is in good company there with Dataiku and The individual AutoML scores have also been lumped into a group of six vendors with essentially the same score (within 5% of each other) and then everyone else. Aible is again in the middle of the group of six.

But what is most important is that Aible has 5 Star Gartner Peer Reviews in the CAIDS category, ahead of many of the vendors that were better placed in the MQ. Moreover, Aible recently partnered with Intel to publish a series of case studies where it delivered business impact from AI in under 30 days. In fact, Aible still remains the only vendor in this space that guarantees impact from AI in 30 days. We believe nothing matters more than the ability to deliver results for customers over and over again.

I was reminded of this interview with Steve Jobs where he was repeatedly pushed on how the iPhone could ever compete with the BlackBerry. Steve just kept saying “I think people love the iPhone” and “that is up to customers to decide,” and eventually the customers decided. Just like Apple, we will keep focusing on making customers successful with AI, and the rest will sort itself out.