Posted by Aible ● Nov 18, 2019 11:11:56 AM

Go Beyond Predictions. Optimize Business Impact.


One key reason why most AI fails for business is that it generates predictions, but doesn’t take it to the next step – recommending proscriptive actions that result in business impact. Traditional AI tells a salesperson what the probability of a conversion is, but doesn’t tell them whether they should pursue a deal. But AI needs to go beyond mere predictions in order to create true value for business.   

For a business person, you want to go beyond prediction to prescription in order to get the people on the front lines to take the right decisions according to goals of the overall organization. Sales people don’t have the skills or the time to balance metrics such as probability of conversion, expected deal size, and time to close in order to determine whether they should act or not. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 1.56.23 PMEven if they had the time (and they don’t), they may not know all of the cost-benefit tradeoffs and capacity constraints that are unique to the company. If you just give a salesperson a list of probabilities, you’re asking a human to play AI and balance dozens of factors to determine whether this deal should be pursued and not that deal. Just telling a salesperson the probability of conversion is worse than useless – it’s potentially dangerous. After all, if you drop your price low enough, your probability of conversion will be sky high. But it will be very bad for your business.

What Aible does is tell you whether a salesperson should pursue a particular deal. Aible’s primary focus is to go from prediction to proscriptive action that optimizes business impact, respects constraints and delivers ROI.

That’s not just valuable for employees on the front line, it’s also indispensable for the C-suite. By going beyond predictions to proscriptions, Aible ensures that the operational tactics on the front line are in strategic alignment with the overall business objectives of the company. Aible empowers businesses with true proscriptive analytics that ensure lasting business impact.