Posted by Jon Yates ● Oct 29, 2020 3:53:36 PM

AIBLE is the strategic planning platform focused on ROI.

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“ROI is one of the first metrics used when companies turn to cost cutting in a recession. This will be true for analyzing investments in their analytics and data science groups. Individuals, groups, or projects that don’t show a clear return on investment will likely be placed on the list of potential cuts for cost savings.”  - MIT Sloan


Aible is built from the ground up for one purpose: Business Impact. Easy-to-Understand ROI is at the heart of everything we do. 

Usually, companies try to measure the ROI of their AI investment after models have been running for a while. That is too late!

With Aible, ROI projections are calculated across hundreds of models simultaneously and used to select the one optimal model, before anything goes into production. The ROI is then continuously monitored and reported, with new models selected as conditions change, ensuring the model in production is always the one producing the highest ROI - No rear-facing mirrors. No guessing. See Aible: On Strategic Consulting

7 Steps to Strategy Consulting in Minutes

  1. Your consultants work with your client on use case descriptions and the source of relevant data to produce an AI Blueprint mapping machine learning concepts to specific business scenarios.
  2. Using the Blueprint, the Aible platform trains an efficient frontier of 100's of AI models in minutes.
  3. With Aible Business, your consultant and clients work simultaneously to update the AI models with cost-benefit resource constraints, to ensure that changing circumstances are accurately reflected and the best model is chosen for the optimum business solution.
  4. As updated business information becomes available, new, better performing AI models are automatically selected along the efficient frontier of models available.
  5. The results of individual optimized predictions can be deployed in Salesforce and Tableau or embedded into your clients existing platforms using Aible for One.
  6. The relevance and suitability of the model is fed back by individual end users to hyper-personalize and tune their own AI experience at the front end. The Aible platform meets the individual where their skills and needs are.
  7. This is a continual cycle for Strategic Consulting; find and solve use cases and revisit scenarios to adapt the optimum path to client success.

Start your Strategic AI consulting practice today.