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Lengow Case Study



Aible Helps Lengow Identify Customers with 50X value with AI

Lengow is a successful Paris-based e-commerce automation SaaS solution that helps more than 3,600 merchants across 45 countries with their e-commerce strategy, by enabling them to optimize product data and sell their products worldwide on all distribution channels: marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, affiliate platforms, display, and retargeting.

Business Challenge

Lengow wanted to start working from a more predictive perspective and move away from deterministic ways of doing business. The company had a sense that AI could be a valuable tool but wasn’t sure how it could be used as a business generator.

Lengow turned to Aible to help the company clearly understand and target their ideal customer profile (ICP) with AI. The company was particularly interested in identifying which customers, currently paying a monthly subscription for basic access to the Lengow platform, were more likely to move up to Lengow’s Enterprise tier with an annual subscription. Lengow wanted to identify the specific drivers that made it more or less likely for a customer to move to 50X value.

The project was led by the CMO and executed by the CRM team. Results and recommendations were shared with CRO, VP of Sales, and Customer Success Team.

“Aible’s expertise in SaaS business use cases has opened up a world of possibilities and tangible projects. We see Aible as a partner to accompany us in the acceleration of processes to generate more business. Currently, we know the client segments that give us much more profitability. Thanks to the scoring of our client base, we can easily detect those clients that we do not know and who have real potential.”

                                                                               – Alicia Brocal, CDM and Data Team, Lengow


Aible Solution
Aible helped Lengow clearly identify its ideal customer profile
and prioritize its high-value customers.

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Day 1 [First Meeting]:

Lengow’s CMO, marketing team, and data analyst worked with Aible to get a deeper understanding of their use case, business goals, and the data available to train AI models.

Week 1 [Project Delivery]:

It was decided that Aible would not only deliver to Lengow the primary drivers of high-value customers, but also score the data so that Lengow would know which customers to pursue and in what priority and accelerate time to value for the overall solution. The Lengow team had some initial concerns that their data wasn’t good enough to train AI models, but Aible showed how AI can create significant value from small amounts of data. Lengow could get started with the data they have and get to business value quickly and achieve significantly better business outcomes than their current state, while improving their data.

Week 4 [Value Delivered]:

Within one month, Aible clearly identified Lengow’s ideal customer profile and the specific business drivers for high-value customers. By analyzing the drivers and characteristics of different customers, Aible showed Lengow which customers with specific characteristics (such as industry, geography, web presence and more) are more likely to fall into a higher-value customer segment. Lengow now has a clear scoring of customers likely to be higher value and a detailed roadmap of customer drivers.

“Artificial intelligence has become a tangible strategy applied to our business. Now I couldn't work on any important projects without the support of data intelligence.”

                                                                               –  Alicia Brocal, CDM and Data Team, Lengow

New AI Use Cases For Lengow

Within 2 weeks of success of the ICP Project, Lengow is looking into bringing AI to other use cases such as Marketing Optimization, Lead Scoring, and Customer Churn Prevention. To this end, Lengow plans on collecting richer customer behavior data to improve their understanding of customers.

“Aible has been a game-changer for our marketing, sales, and customer success teams. At first, we were not sure that our data was sufficiently large or clean enough to launch an AI project. Within days, Aible showed us how AI could immediately extract value from our data and showed us real economic impact. Within weeks of using Aible, we are already pursuing additional use cases around customer churn prevention, lead scoring and marketing spend optimization.”

                                                                   – Frédéric Clement, Chief Marketing Officer, Lengow

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