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Aible vs. the Competition

54_Competition-Jun-25-2021-11-39-29-31-PMWith more than 800 AI vendors in the AWS Marketplace alone, the marketplace is crowded and confusing for anyone looking for an AI solution.

One common truth about most AI solutions today is revealed in a report by MIT-BCG that a mere 10% of organizations achieve significant financial benefits with AI. Other surveys have found that 90% of ML models never make it into production. The real reason for the poor performance is that conventional AI, in many ways, is designed to fail.

First, these solutions ignore the effort and change management needed to get to AI adoption, so the AI never gets to the stage where it creates value for the organization. Additionally, most AI solutions are very static and are not designed to react quickly to changing market conditions that businesses face every day. Conventional AI is very inflexible and doesn’t balance and optimize the needs and realities across different departments, regions or products. The biggest issue is that these solutions focus more on data science metrics than achieving business objectives.

Rated by Gartner as the #1 AutoML solution, Aible guarantees impact from AI in just one month – or you don’t pay.

Aible makes it easy to get started, automating the process to go from raw data to predictions in an hour and impact in just one month. Aible starts from your business goals and works to achieve them. Aible also enables you to optimize for your unique business circumstances, and to balance different AIs in order to optimize impact across the organization.

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Let’s take a closer look at how conventional AI often gets it wrong and how Aible prioritizes business objectives to deliver immediate impact and sustained value.

1. There’s too much change management needed to get to AI adoption.

The hardest thing about driving adoption of AI is change management.
Getting everyone in an organization to adopt a new technology, acquire a new skill set, or change an ongoing process is always challenging. Even something as simple as upgrading a CRM system can meet a lot of resistance. Getting business teams to adopt a traditional AI platform is even more daunting from a change management perspective. As a result, AI adoption is usually hampered and little or no value is created.

Aible takes a different approach – bringing AI to the enterprise applications businesspeople are already using - with minimal upfront investment in cost, skills, and resources. The Aible solution does not create yet another application or process that users have to learn from scratch. Instead, Aible seamlessly integrates with your existing enterprise systems like Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, and Tableau to bring AI-powered recommendations to the applications you use every day. It also empowers end users to customize the aggressiveness of their own AI and easily provide feedback on the predictive models.


With new connectors for the Boomi platform, enterprises can now leverage Aible with 1500+ applications and technologies. Business teams can easily access data from popular sources including Snowflake, Google Bigquery, Teradata, DB2 and more.

2. Conventional AI does not balance and optimize across business functions.

While conventional AI vendors highlight AI experiences spanning applications, they are usually accomplished with rigid API integration that require large upfront setup investments and lack the ability to be dynamic across both changing business conditions and departmental objectives. The AI is not optimized to span the enterprise and is forced to operate in silos.
That’s crucial, because AI must deliver value across the enterprise, not simply in one department at the expense of others. How do you make sure that AI for marketing is generating the right number of qualified leads for your sales efforts? That’s a balancing and optimization problem, not an AI problem. Because conventional AI is focused on basic prediction problems, it’s not looking at balancing and optimizing.

Aible enables you to optimize across departments and balance investments across different subgroups such as regions, products, marketing campaigns, sales teams, and more. For example, if your AI for marketing is producing lots of leads and your sales AI is very conservative, you are wasting money on marketing leads that will never get pursued. Conversely, if your marketing AI is very conservative and your sales AI is aggressive, your sales team is going to run out of leads very quickly. Aible enables you to optimally balance different AI's so everything works in concert.

3. Most AI doesn’t focus on business impact.

Traditional AI is trained on data science metrics like model accuracy rather than what’s really important to organizations – business impact: more revenue, fewer customers lost to churn, less waste and fraud, more efficient supply chains, better data-driven resourcing decisions.
That’s why Aible has taken a different approach to AI.

Aible starts from the strategic intent of your business, and understands what you’re trying to achieve, taking into account your unique cost-benefit tradeoffs and capacity constraints. Aible then creates an AI that delivers the right tactical decisions to act upon that strategy, and monitors and responds as conditions change.

Aible creates a portfolio of AI models that are the right choice for many different business realities, so you can always adjust your AI quickly when conditions change. That way, the AI is always trained on your strategic intent, adjusts to change quickly, and continuously delivers impact.
Aible offers a no-risk opportunity to quickly see how much value AI can create for you.
Here’s our offer: You get to evaluate whether an AI would succeed with your data and see how much value it could create for you based on your specific data and systems, before you pay a dime – all in one month or less. You pay only if the AI creates value for you. And if you’re not sure whether your data is ready for AI, Aible will show what to do to start collecting the right kind of data so you can get the benefit of AI quickly.

With Aible, you don’t pay until you get to success. No other enterprise AI provider guarantees impact from AI in one month.

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