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Data Scientist

Aible Gives Data Scientists a Rapid Path to AI Deployment

Demonstrates Value Quickly

Scenario analysis enables data scientists to show users how different models would affect the business and important KPIs. Rapid prototyping and end-user feedback help prove the value of models quickly. Aible creates a portfolio of AI models, enabling data scientists to make micro-adjustments as business realities change, as opposed to repeated retraining. Data scientists can create Blueprints that encode best practices for creating the right AI for use cases.

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Aible Solutions
Uncertain Times
“Models keep getting stale and I have to keep retraining the same AI instead of working on new projects.”
Integration with end applications allows real-world monitoring to show business impact as well as “model drift.” Pre-approved portfolio of AIs enables micro-adjustments (as opposed to retraining) as business realities change.
Prove Impact to Business
“I can’t prove the value of my models because they are not getting into production and adopted.”
Builds trust with business users. Scenario analysis shows users how the model would affect their business. Rapid prototyping gets models working in applications like Salesforce so end users can provide feedback.
Need to Scale
“I have to do similar projects over and over again.”
Data Scientists can empower others to train models by building Blueprints that encode best practices for creating the right AI for common use cases, from data to modeling decisions.
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Aible delivers measurable business impact without ever compromising security. Aible runs directly in your AWS or Azure cloud account, or on-prem, ensuring complete data security. All data stays in your secure cloud account, where the Aible models are trained and deployed. All data transformation, training, and testing code are logged in your account for secure auditing. Aible never takes possession of your data, and can’t see your data or models.

Aible Advanced

Enables data scientists to leverage their data deep knowledge while retaining complete visibility to optimize business impact. Data Scientists can create Blueprints that encode best practices for creating the right AI, from raw data to modeling decisions. All models are trained without the user or Aible gaining access to the data, ensuring security.