Data Engineer
Aible Helps Data Engineers Get Data AI-Ready and into Production Quickly

Start With Your Existing Data

Aible makes it easy for data engineers to load their data and quickly see whether the data is AI-ready. Aible has Blueprints for a wide variety of use cases, from sales and marketing promotion to fraud detection and customer churn. Data engineers get started immediately with a Blueprint that asks the right questions and guides them to the appropriate data for a particular use case.

Aible Solutions
Uncertain Times
“All of our predictive models are out of date. I need to constantly refresh data so models can be retrained.”
Model monitoring automatically creates datasets for model retraining. Models can be retained whenever sufficient new data arrives.
Unclean Data
“I don’t know if my data is good enough for AI.”
Confirms quickly if a “good enough AI” can be trained
Data Security
“I can’t just give out starter datasets! We have strict data security and residency policies.”
Trains custom models without the user or Aible gaining access to the data.
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Aible delivers measurable business impact without ever compromising security. Aible runs directly in your AWS or Azure cloud account, or on-prem, ensuring complete data security. All data stays in your secure cloud account, where the Aible models are trained and deployed. All data transformation, training, and testing code are logged in your account for secure auditing. Aible never takes possession of your data, and can’t see your data or models.

Aible Data (Free)

Makes it easy for data engineers to load data and quickly see whether it is AI-ready.  Aible Blueprints recommend useful data for common use cases and where to find the right data. Blueprints show the fields that Aible has determined are most valuable for a use case and enables data engineers to securely share the results with other team members.