The Aible Extension for Tableau

See What Aible and Tableau Can Do Together

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See Predictions Directly in Tableau

The Aible Extension embeds predictions directly in Tableau dashboards so that predictions and recommendations are operationalized at scale. With a few clicks, use Aible to build a portfolio of predictive models that take into account the unique cost-benefit tradeoffs and capacity constraints of your business. Then use Tableau to dive deeply into predictive insights to make better data-driven business decisions. Anyone can get started quickly with AI for Tableau – no programming skills required.

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Conduct Robust Scenario Analysis

The Aible Extension for Tableau helps advise businesses in rapidly-changing times by conducting wide-ranging scenario analysis and assumption testing. Aible clearly shows which deal is worth pursuing based on business assumptions and the likelihood of conversion. See which prediction drivers have the largest positive and negative impacts, such as account type or duration of last contact. You can further personalize scenarios by adjusting the optimal predictive model based on specific business realities and preferences.

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Explore Multiple What-ifs

Robust what-if functionality combined with integrated recommendations enables users to see which action would best impact KPIs and lets them try out many different scenarios to see which ones deliver the best business outcomes. Optimize deal conversion by changing actionable factors such as the specific offer or day of contact. Aible delivers targeted recommendations about whether or not to take action based on your particular scenario.