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Business Manager

Aible Gives Business Managers Customized Tools to Drive AI Business Impact

Adjusts Automatically to Changing Conditions

Aible shows how the business would be impacted under different business assumptions and market scenarios and adjusts automatically as market conditions change. Business managers get started quickly with AI because they can work with existing data and user skills. Rapid prototyping and seamless end-user feedback help managers prove the value of AI quickly without large upfront investments.

Aible Solutions
Uncertain Times
“I need to understand how the AI will affect my business under different scenarios.”
Shows how your business would be impacted under different business assumptions. Adjusts automatically as market conditions change.
AI Impacting KPI
“I need to improve my KPIs. How can AI help?”
Advises on the appropriate predictive model and resourcing to drive KPI improvements.
Rapid ROI
“I can’t invest millions and months before I can see value.”
Works on existing data with existing user skills. Rapid prototyping and end-user feedback helps prove value quickly.
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Aible delivers measurable business impact without ever compromising security. Aible runs directly in your AWS or Azure cloud account, or on-prem, ensuring complete data security. All data stays in your secure cloud account, where the Aible models are trained and deployed. All data transformation, training, and testing code are logged in your account for secure auditing. Aible never takes possession of your data, and can’t see your data or models.

Aible Business

Empowers business people and managers to create powerful AI that delivers business impact on a sustained basis. Aible Business asks straightforward questions that capture an enterprise’s unique cost-benefit tradeoffs and operational constraints to create a portfolio of real-world AI models that quickly deliver ROI.