Business Analyst

Aible Gives Business Analysts Forward-Looking Business Insights

Clear-Cut Business Impact Analysis

Data Analysts can view and adjust model drivers to choose the model that delivers the greatest business impact without changing the existing data set. Aible makes it easy for analysts to consume models without having to create the models themselves. Analysts can inject AI insights directly into their existing reporting infrastructure and make compelling presentations in visual and analytic tools in order to tell actionable data stories.

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Aible Solutions

Uncertain Times

“I need to stay relevant as backwards-looking BI becomes irrelevant to figuring out an uncertain future.”


Analysts are best suited to advise business users in uncertain and rapidly changing times as they conduct scenario analysis and assumption testing.


“I need to add predictions (what will happen) to existing dashboards.”


Embeds predictions directly in Tableau dashboards for business users and analysts.


“I need to add recommendations to existing dashboards.”


What-If functionality with integrated recommendations allows users to understand which action would best impact their KPIs.

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Aible delivers measurable business impact without ever compromising security. Aible runs directly in your AWS or Azure cloud account, or on-prem, ensuring complete data security. All data stays in your secure cloud account, where the Aible models are trained and deployed. All data transformation, training, and testing code are logged in your account for secure auditing. Aible never takes possession of your data, and can’t see your data or models.

Aible for Tableau

Enables analysts to quickly build predictive models within Tableau in minutes. Answer Aible's guided questions to automatically create machine learning models using popular open source algorithms. Anyone can quickly get started with AI for Tableau – no complex math or programming skills required.


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