Chief Data Officer
Aible Helps CDOs Drive AI Business Adoption

Built for Collaboration

Aible helps CDOs boost collaboration by meeting users where they are with individualized tools, ensuring AI adoption and business impact. Aible takes into account the unique cost-benefit tradeoffs and operational constraints of your business so CDOs are ensured that AI models reflect their real-world business realities and result in measurable ROI.

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Aible Solutions
Uncertain Times
“How do I help my organization survive the current and upcoming disruptions?”
Conducts scenario analysis and assumption testing to predict how your organization would perform under different potential business realities. Adjusts automatically as market conditions change.
ROI from AI
“I can’t show any ROI from our investment in AI.”
Focuses directly on ROI as opposed to theoretical model metrics.
Skills Shortage
“I don’t have enough Data Scientists or skilled AI experts.”
Empowers existing team to contribute and collaborate via focused solutions targeted at each person’s needs and skills. Works on existing data and integrates with existing systems.


Aible delivers business impact without ever compromising security. Aible runs directly in your AWS or Azure cloud account, or on-prem, ensuring complete data security. All data stays in your secure cloud account, where the Aible models are trained and deployed. All data transformation, training, and testing code are logged in your account for secure auditing. Aible never takes possession of your data, and can’t see your data or models.


Monitors and quantifies the value delivered by AI. Alerts CDOs when outcomes don’t match predictions (for instance, when transaction rates are lower than expected) and recommends specific remediations to ensure alignment on strategy and tactics. Enables CDOs to take feedback at scale and adjust business assumptions in order to react quickly to changing circumstances.