Aible in Action

“Aible gives us a real unique selling proposition and could be a massive revenue generator. We inserted the Aible lead scoring into our CRM system and within two days there were rumors going around our company that accounts with higher Aible scoring were getting higher bookings. Within a week, Aible recommendations produced a 20% improvement over the previous week in positive outcomes.”
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– Alistair Grant, co-founder and CEO, Strive Group
“Aible has been a game-changer for our marketing, sales, and customer success teams. At first, we were not sure that our data was sufficiently large or clean enough to launch an AI project. Within days, Aible showed us how AI could immediately extract value from our data and showed us real economic impact. Within weeks of using Aible, we are already pursuing additional use cases around customer churn prevention, lead scoring and marketing spend optimization.”
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– Frédéric Clement, Chief Marketing Officer
"During a one hour meeting we went from a raw dataset, to exploring insights in the data automatically highlighted by Aible, to creating and even deploying a predictive model. The collaboration with academic and financial aid advisors helped us further optimize the models and made them more useful - but we went end-to-end from raw data to deployed model in such a short amount of time.”
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– Don Rudawsky, VP Institutional Effectiveness, Nova Southeastern University
"The Aible analysis will help us schedule smarter and drive more efficiency/revenue in a key portfolio company.  We’re also very excited to leverage for better informed due diligence in many subsequent acquisitions.”
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– Tom Birchard, President of Home Services, WhitneyWilder
"At NCR, the Enterprise Advanced Analytics team works hard to remain on the cutting edge of big data and machine learning tools and its future. As such, we knew that we needed automated machine learning tools to enable scaled predictive analytics across our enterprise – this is a key component of our future. To meet this need, we conducted an exhaustive analysis with the key Gartner Magic Quadrant top companies in the last quarter of 2019 – beginning of Q1 2020. Aible brought focused expertise in Supply Chain with a flexible start-up mentality and a fresh approach to AutoML. A forward-looking company with a very unique vision to automated machine learning, Aible goes beyond the other tools to focus on business ease-of-use and interpretable results that translate directly to business dollars and hard benefits."
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– Ivan Alvarez, IT Vice President, Big Data and Advanced Analytics
"With just a few clicks, I found three million dollars in additional sales leads in two hours with Aible. I also discovered additional revenue opportunities I could close by adding sales resources. What seemed like a tactical problem turned into a strategic opportunity with the insights from Aible.”
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– Charlie Merrow, CEO, Merrow Sewing Machine Company. Est. 1838
"When we think about AI, we can’t just focus on simple metrics of AI quality. We need to start with business outcomes if the AI is going to have a business impact. I will use Aible’s Real World AI in my ‘Data Science and Data Strategy’ MBA class this semester to help students understand that the business impact of AI matters more than measures like accuracy.”
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– Gregory La Blanc, Distinguished Teaching Fellow