Aible in Action

At NCR, the Enterprise Advanced Analytics team works hard to remain on the cutting edge of big data and machine learning tools and its future. As such, we knew that we needed automated machine learning tools to enable scaled predictive analytics across our enterprise – this is a key component of our future. To meet this need, we conducted an exhaustive analysis with the key Gartner Magic Quadrant top companies in the last quarter of 2019 – beginning of Q1 2020. Aible brought focused expertise in Supply Chain with a flexible start-up mentality and a fresh approach to AutoML. A forward-looking company with a very unique vision to automated machine learning, Aible goes beyond the other tools to focus on business ease-of-use and interpretable results that translate directly to business dollars and hard benefits."
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- Ivan Alvarez, IT Vice President, Big Data and Advanced Analytics, NCR
The translation between the business owner and the data analyst takes a lot of time in my experience, and Aible shortcuts most of that communication chasm. For example, out-of-the-box machine learning models optimize on accuracy, which gives equal weight to the cost of failing to predict something vs. incorrectly predicting something will happen. There are ways to adjust for this – you can manually adjust thresholds after a model has been run or you can run a model with a penalty matrix. But both of those require a lot of mental gymnastics and accurately communicating business needs to the analysts running the model. It takes time and clear communication. There are many other steps in the process of setting up and iterating models that take weeks. Aible talks to business owners in the ROI and constraints language they use and understand, reducing the back-and-forth discussions. In our case, we predict which nurse might quit their job so a hospital can intervene early and try to retain that nurse. The cost of failing to predict a nurse quitting is very different than the cost of unnecessarily intervening with a nurse who would have never quit their job. Hospitals have limited resources to follow up with nurses to retain them. Building cost-benefit tradeoffs and constraints into the models that reflect the business realities of the organization is hard to do; Aible does this automatically and gives me optimal recommendations we can act upon."
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- Tim Darling, Chief Analytics Officer of Laudio
With just a few clicks, I found three million dollars in additional sales leads in two hours with Aible. I also discovered additional revenue opportunities I could close by adding sales resources. What seemed like a tactical problem turned into a strategic opportunity with the insights from Aible.”
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– Charlie Merrow, CEO, Merrow Sewing Machine Company. Est. 1838
I can count on Aible to find the AI that improves my business. Aible provides the AI for me — the business guy — not the data scientist.”
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– Michael Kisch, Founder and CEO, Beddr
When we think about AI, we can’t just focus on simple metrics of AI quality. We need to start with business outcomes if the AI is going to have a business impact. I will use Aible’s Real World AI in my ‘Data Science and Data Strategy’ MBA class this semester to help students understand that the business impact of AI matters more than measures like accuracy.”
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– Gregory La Blanc, Distinguished Teaching Fellow, at the Haas School at UC Berkeley