New Transformative Features for Enterprise Generative AI
The latest release of ChatAible will further drive acceleration and strengthen guardrails for generative AI responses, paving the way for business user led innovation in the enterprise.
ValentinesDay ChatAible

Generative AI with Guardrails for Enterprise Analytics

ChatAible leverages Aible’s well-proven Explainable AI to automatically ask millions of questions of the data, finds the key insights, and uses Generative AI to summarize the key insights in a way a business executive could easily consume. It then uses the Explainable AI to double-check the Generative AI’s output for hallucinations. ChatAible solves the problems of Generative AI in an enterprise context.

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Insights Infographic
and Benchmarking

Aible automatically identifies the variable combinations across the dataset that impacts selected business KPI the most. It can now present that complex information in an easy to consume infographic format. But, sometimes we just want to see how different regions, products, even salespeople behave differently from each other. With an infographic view, you can see behavior differences within the data, and with a simple search interface can create custom focused benchmark analyses.

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Aible Sense Everywhere on GCP (other clouds coming soon)

Gain an organization wide overview of data-readiness across your data sources, with augmented data Engineering at scale. With a server-level assessment, evaluate thousands of datasets across data sources such as data warehouses, applications, datalakes, etc. with a single click. Aible has proven that it can analyze data at 1/1000th the cost of traditional approaches. This enables customers to analyze their data whole data sources at a time, automatically clean / enhance the data at scale, and even analyze the key insights related to auto-selected business KPI.

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One-click Looker Dashboards (other analytics systems coming soon)

Automatically create dynamic Looker reports and dashboards in seconds without writing a single line of LookML code. Aible automatically identifies the key insights in the data, auto-generates the necessary LookML, and ensures that the dashboard points to the underlying BigQuery datasource to enable manual analysis if desired. Aible also embeds an augmented analysis component to the Looker dashboard that allows users to generate focused dashboards (such as understanding patterns related to a specific product, geography, customer types, etc.) via an easy search interface.


Usage Based Pricing

Available with the Google Marketplace, teams can now leverage usage based pricing with Aible. Pay only for what use to ensure maximum gains for your business. You can start with a $1000 package of usage credits that will enable automated exploration of a dataset.

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Context-aware Smart Dashboards

Deliver dynamic reports and dashboards to automatically identify the top drivers for your business, without any manual work. Search for a variable (e.g. State) or variable-value (e.g. California) to generate a focused dashboard that shows you everything that you need to understand about that concept, in order of importance. Leverage next-level Augmented Insights to reduce dashboard creation time to seconds and get today’s insights today, even under changing market conditions.

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Auto-analysis of What Changes in the Data Affect KPI

Understand what's changed in your data since the last period and automatically understand what behavioral and population changes have had the greatest impact on your KPIs. Easily review the most significant behavior changes, and explore business drivers that cause behavioral changes.

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Native Support for Google Cloud Platform and BigQuery

Leverage serverless model training and deployment securely in GCP. Take advantage of advanced Google capabilities including Cloud Run Services, BigQuery, workflows, and security models.


Augmented Data Engineering

Augmented data engineering features are now available with Aible Sense that allow you to combine, transform and clean your data. Leverage transformations like join datasets, deduplicate rows, filter rows, append rows, create derived fields, conditional if-then-else statements, pivot and unpivot, standard column updates (drop, rename, change type), etc. All of the transforms are maintained as code templates and only applied to the data when requested.


Transformation Store

Once you create a complex data transformation you never have to do it again. Sense allows you to leverage transformations from existing datasets or transformation templates and apply to other datasets. Feature stores have become common in the market, and have always been a part of Aible. But, now we can templatize and reuse complex transformations such as pivot / unpivot.


Evaluate multiple datasets

Instead of evaluating datasets one at a time, Aible helps evaluate multiple tables at once. Use Sense to figure out which dataset offers a stronger AI signal for your projects. For example, you may have hundreds of possible datasets available in your Snowflake instance. Want to quickly figure out which ones you should focus on to generate useful business insights or machine learning models? Just choose multiple tables/datasets and let Sense evaluate them all.


The Power of Aible Explore, now in Tableau

Continuing with the “features that set you free” theme, all of the power of Aible Explore is now available inside AIble Extension for Tableau. Click on a visualization in Tableau and see what the dozens of models used by AIble think of the visualization: is it useful or misleading? What are the related visualizations Aible recommends that you look at? You can of course also just search for insights related to any variable or value.


Aible MicroTasks For
Language & Vision

Aible MicroTasks now work for language and vision AIs as well, enabling true collaboration across personas for tagging, modeling, testing, and deployment. Aible simplifies using transfer and few-shot learning, thus avoiding expensive redundant training of language and vision models. Of course, where a model has to be trained from scratch, Aible supports that as well.


Sense the power of your data

With zero upfront effort, Aible Sense allows you to automatically structure your data for AI training, perform data prep and enrichment and evaluate your data for AI-readiness, allowing your teams to leverage the data you have today to generate impactful recommendations.


Explore what drives your business

Leverage guided data exploration and augmented analytics with Aible Explore, that helps business users visually understand business drivers, uncover root causes, and identify contextual insights in minutes.


Optimize impact from every action

Use Aible Optimize to drive impact by aligning your strategy with tactical decisions at all levels via optimal recommendations and predictions in business applications, all within 30 days.


User Engagement Monitoring

Aible allows business teams to see whether end users are accepting the AI recommendations of the AI, and understand the patterns to systematically improve engagement. Managers can see how AI alignment and business impact compare across the team and end users can see how their impact compares with peers. This brings transparency that helps the entire team collaborate towards guaranteeing impact for the business and driving overall user engagement.


Bring Your Own Model (BYOM)

Data Science teams now have a complete solution for integration, monitoring, and measuring the impact of their carefully crafted models. Evaluate and optimize the performance of your own models, by configuring AI so that it creates business value under unique business circumstances. BYOM eliminates the tedious and expensive work of getting a model integrated to surface predictions and recommendations within your applications, monitor the outcomes, and get feedback from end users.


Impact Forecasting

For the first time, generate forecasts that align to the cost-benefit tradeoffs of your business. Leveraging the ability to train and evaluate multiple models at once, forecasting with Aible considers a range of business conditions so that users can take actions that help drive business impact. Users can see exactly how the AI created the forecast and know which part is due to trends, cyclical patterns or other business factors.

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Embed AI in your favorite applications

With new connectors for the Boomi platform, enterprises can now leverage Aible with 1500+ applications and technologies. Business teams can easily access data from the most popular sources including Snowflake, Google Bigquery, Teradata, DB2 and more. You can embed AI recommendations directly into front-end applications including SAP, Oracle Netsuite, Salesforce, Marketo and lots more - within hours.


AI that spans the entire enterprise

Enterprises no longer need to operate in separate silos. With Aible, teams can easily link projects that impact each other to balance and optimize AI recommendations across related functions.


Assure AI Fairness

New in Aible Enterprise, customers can now remove bias and ensure fairness with AI by proactively defining fairness objectives. With Aible Enterprise, you can now proactively avoid bias rather than reacting to it after the fact and still not solve the fundamental problem.


Natural Language and Vision Services

New Natural Language and Image Processing features are available Aible Enterprise which now allows teams to capture intelligence from a wider set of sources. Unique with Aible, enterprises can leverage the services with end-to-end automation and without manual tagging requirements, avoiding time-consuming and error-prone processes.


Empowers everyone with the fastest speed to value

Go from raw data to AI recommendations in hours - with your existing teams, skills, and resources. Easily track and audit the parallel actions of everyone from business users to IT and data science teams, as they contribute across the end-to-end workflow of AI - without ever having to develop a new skill set or wait on each other.