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How Does Work?

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Aible gives us a real unique selling proposition and could be a massive revenue generator. We inserted the Aible lead scoring into our CRM system and within two days there were rumors going around our company that accounts with higher Aible scoring were getting higher bookings. Within a week, Aible recommendations produced a 20% improvement over the previous week in positive outcomes.”
Alistair Grant, co-founder and CEO, Strive Group
Aible has been a game-changer for our marketing, sales, and customer success teams. At first, we were not sure that our data was sufficiently large or clean enough to launch an AI project. Within days, Aible showed us how AI could immediately extract value from our data and showed us real economic impact. Within weeks of using Aible, we are already pursuing additional use cases around customer churn prevention, lead scoring and marketing spend optimization.”

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– Frédéric Clement, Chief Marketing Officer, Lengow
During a one hour meeting we went from a raw dataset, to exploring insights in the data automatically highlighted by Aible, to creating and even deploying a predictive model. The collaboration with academic and financial aid advisors helped us further optimize the models and made them more useful - but we went end-to-end from raw data to deployed model in such a short amount of time.”

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- Don Rudawsky, VP Institutional Effectiveness, Nova Southeastern University
The Aible analysis will help us schedule smarter and drive more efficiency/revenue in a key portfolio company.  We’re also very excited to leverage for better informed due diligence in many subsequent acquisitions.”
- Tom Birchard, President of Home Services
The fact that in a matter of minutes Aible revealed actionable insights within our data that we were not already aware of was surprising. The way it spanned strategic scenario planning, resource planning, analytics, and opportunity scoring in one single platform can be transformative for the way we manage sales.”

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- Sales Technology Leader, Fortune 500 Technology Company
I absolutely love using Aible. As a Technology Manager I see the best fit for Aible in our organization. Our Business user were able to get into the tool and explore patterns and interactions in our data which seemed impossible to do prior to using Aible.”
- Program Director, Fortune 500 Healthcare Provider
The speed of the Aible product and the rapid iteration it enables is outstanding. I challenged them to train the models live in front of me. The first set of models completed training in less than a minute and several hundred models completed in less than 3 minutes. This was for a significant sized business dataset that had taken us much longer to analyze manually.”
– Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Chief Data Officer (CDO), Multinational CPG company of beauty and cosmetics
Aible helped us figure out how to potentially improve our food waste by over 10%. Their iterative process helped us dial in our use cases, and drive towards achieving tangible business impact within 3 weeks”
- Business Intelligence Manager, Global Food Company
Aible showed us how to unlock actionable insights in our data. The speed to insight was way faster than we expected, and the insights found would likely never have been uncovered using traditional analytics.”
–VP of Marketing & Analytics, Global Manufacturer
AI doesn’t work in a vacuum. Aible’s focus on actionable insights made it easy for us to engage with key stake-holders to improve our business outcomes. This single project also sparked new discussions on process improvements in both our admissions and student retention offices.”
– Associate CIO for Solutions Development and Data Architecture, Leading University
Just 5 minutes into the Aible presentation, I could already see the immense value we could add to our business. I immediately asked my colleagues to drop other meetings to see the report Aible had created within minutes of receiving the data. I’ve spent a lot more money and more time with other tools and have achieved far less.”
– CIO, Leading Food and Beverage
Within 3 weeks, Aible demonstrated significant value. We are already spotting opportunities for further cost saving and are looking forward to the roll out.”
- Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Leading Education Services Company

Empowering Everyone to Deliver on Your Strategy

Aible connects strategy and tactics to deliver enterprise-wide collaboration, meeting different teams where they are. From top level strategic decisions to front line real-time feedback, it enables everyone across the organization to contribute with their existing skills and help you reach your goals.

Chief Data Officer Icon

Chief Data Officer

Aible helps CDOs empower their existing team to contribute and collaborate with tools tailored to each person’s needs and skills.

Business Manager Icon

Business Manager

Aible Explore helps business managers see the key insights in their data. Aible Optimize clearly shows the expected ROI from each of the AI models created and how they affect KPIs

Data Science Icon

Data Scientist

Aible helps Data Scientists engage with every stakeholder earlier in the process and ensures that they do not waste time on data that is not valuable. This helps to ensure that Data Scientists get models into production quickly so users can see immediate value.

Data Engineer Icon

Data Engineer

Aible helps Data Engineers ensure that data Is suitable for analysis, training AI or for building cost-effective data warehouses

Business Analyst Icon

Business Analyst

Aible Explore enables Business Analysts to see key insights in a matter of minutes. It also empowers them by making it easy to adjust business assumptions and resourcing levels to see how different AI models would affect the business.

End User Icon

End Users

Aible gives end users a say in how AI models are created, specialized, and adjusted according to their specific business realities.

Awards and Recognition

Representative in the Market Guide for Augmented Analytics & Multipersona DSML Platforms

AI 100: The most promising artificial intelligence startups of 2022

3x recognition in the Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for Cloud AI Developer Services and Critical

Aible Product of the Year in the 2020 Sales and Technology

The Forrester New Wave: Automation-Focused Machine Learning Solutions, Q2 2019

Aible Named a 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor in Analytics

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Gartner Market Guide for Multipersona Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms

Aible is recognized as a Representative Vendor in the May 2022 Gartner® Market Guide Multipersona Data Science and Machine Learning (DSML) Platforms report.

April 1, 2022