Aible Announces Partnership with Tableau Software to Further Extend the Power of Real World AI

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New Partnership Marries BI and AI To Offer Users A Seamless Experience; Provides Launchpad for Simple, Fast and Custom AI That Delivers Real Business Impact

San Francisco, Calif. – March 18, 2019 – Aible, the innovators of AI for business impact, today announced a partnership with officially launched earlier today, announcing the industry’s only Real World AI trained for measurable business impact, not simply accuracy. To date, AI has been trained to achieve the highest accuracy, but this unrealistically assumes that all costs and benefits are equal. In business, the benefit of a correct prediction is never equal to the cost of a wrong one. An AI trained for accuracy would never recognize this cost-benefit tradeoff.

Aible allows business users to create custom AI based on a company’s real world cost-benefit imbalances and operational constraints. This innovative model for Real World AI helps business users understand the implications of the AI before deploying it. Aible makes AI accessible to anyone with a business problem to solve and curiosity, no previous training or data science experience required.

“Tableau transformed BI by making Visual Analytics accessible to business users. We believe custom Real World AI needs to be accessible to everyone and, to this end, we have created a seamless experience, completely inside the Tableau environment that any businessperson can use,” said Arijit Sengupta, founder and CEO of Aible. “For AI to be pervasive, it cannot require expensive consulting to set up nor deep expertise to use. Aible will enable Tableau customers to easily add AI to their existing BI environment and get more out of their BI investment. And Aible is so easy to use, at a recent UC Berkeley AI Summit, high school students were up-and-running with Aible in one hour, delivering optimized recommendations that rivaled those of expert data scientists.“

“Aible’s unique focus on the business impact of AI is a natural complement to the Tableau platform and will help further lower the barrier to advanced analytics for our customers,” said Josh Parenteau, director of product marketing at Tableau. “We’re thrilled to bring this new capability to customers through our Extensions Gallery and look forward to building our relationship with an innovative new partner like Aible.”

Tableau customers will now be able to leverage Real World AI from within their Tableau environment, seamlessly integrating AI and BI as a single platform.  

With this new partnership, customers will experience:

  • Easy access to Tableau data – With data already in Tableau, users can supercharge their data with AI with just a click of a button.
  • Real cost/benefit tradeoffs – The benefit of a correct prediction is never the same as the cost of a wrong one. Aible optimizes for the net business impact of the AI, incorporating cost/benefit differences, allowing users to make better business decisions.
  • Real operational constraints – Aible crafts an AI that respects real world operational constraints, such as finite marketing budgets or sales capacity, and recommends optimizations.
  • Real model requirements – Regulated industries need auditable models. Customer service needs real-time results. Aible ensures that AI conforms to every user’s unique needs.
  • Training within budget – Aible recommends and enforces AI training based upon each user’s budget.
  • Select AI for business impact – The winning AI optimizes for business impact, not model accuracy. AI trained on accuracy does not result in the maximum positive business impact by pursuing additional opportunities. By training on net impact, Aible delivers AI with the greatest net benefit for your business.
  • Deploy with ease – Aible can predict outcomes for any future scenario, allowing users to view the information immediately via a simple, easy-to-view dashboard. Users can also deploy the AI as a Dockerized image that can run in a customer’s AWS environment.

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