Aible Partner Success

Welcome to our support center for Aible Channel Partners and Microsoft Certified Solution Partners

Your success is vital to us! We're here to assist you in making our joint customers make the most of Aible to create AI with measurable business impact. 
Here is some useful information to assist in your success: 
  • If you are not already an Aible Channel Partner, please visit our partners' page to find out more or contact us to get started. As an Aible Channel Partner you will have access to our product and the support community site with full access to our support system. 
  • If you are working with one of our joint customers, customers have access to our support community through the Aible product. To reach support or file support requests, customers should log into Aible. The support community is available exclusively to customers and Aible Channel Partners through their Aible product login and provides a wealth of resources including: How-To articles, FAQs, Announcements, Getting Started guides, and instructions on how to connect Aible to their own Azure Subscription for data storage, model training and model deployment. The support community page also allows customers and Aible Channel Partners to file a support request should they need additional assistance. 
  • Our Aible Channel Partners are some of our most advanced users, creating custom Aible Blueprints to empower our customers with the best data science and application integration for their specific use cases. As a partner, please take advantage of our advanced assistance by contacting our technical support team directly at or at +1-650-352-6121. 

If you need program assistance, please contact Dylan Steeg, VP of Business Development at