Aible Extension for Tableau

The AI amplifier for your Tableau investment

Get Started with Aible in Tableau
aible for tableau
Your launchpad for Real World AI

Tableau and Aible combine for a seamless BI + AI experience.

Easy access to Tableau data

You already know how to get your data into Tableau. Now just click a button and Aible can supercharge that data with AI.

Real Cost-benefit Tradeoffs

The benefit of a correct prediction is never the same as the cost of a wrong one. Aible optimizes for the net business impact of the AI.

Real Operational Constraints

Aible crafts an AI that respects constraints, such as marketing budgets or sales capacity, and recommends optimizations.

Real Model Requirements

Regulated industries need auditable models. Customer service needs real-time results. Aible ensures your AI conforms.

Train within budget

Aible recommends and enforces your AI training budget.

Select AI for Business Impact

The winning AI optimizes for business impact, not data science metrics. Aible also highlights opportunities to reallocate unused resources.

Deploy Anywhere

You can use Aible to predict the outcomes for next month’s transactions and see your next month’s dashboard today. Or you can deploy the AI as a Dockerized image that you can run on AWS or elsewhere in your enterprise.

Tableau and the Aible Extension: One Seamless Experience

Click on a graph in Tableau … and Aible shows you:

How does the selected variable compare to other variables used by the AI?

How do different values of the variable impact predictions?

How much does the selected variable impact each AI’s predictions?

Tableau and the Aible Extension

Click on any key predictor in Aible and see the details in Tableau
Click on any key predictor in Aible and see the details in Tableau

Have Tableau? Get started now and supercharge your business with Real AI. Just download the Aible extension from the Tableau extension gallery.

Get Started with Aible in Tableau