Use Cases

Aible accelerates AI success by unifying data science, business domain expertise, and modeling for optimized business impact in use case blueprints. Blueprints help you rapidly find the right data and your relative cost-benefits. The following is a highlighted list of use cases. Please contact us to discuss your potential use cases.

Please contact us to discuss your industry and potential use cases.


Not all of your sales people work the same. Aible makes recommendations for your sales people based on their territory, past history, and deal flow. Aible recommends which customer to call next to maximize revenue, and what actions or products will be most compelling.

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Marketing Promotion

Marketing is critical to each company's growth and continued success. Aible uniquely considers your customer lifetime value and your promotion costs to automatically train custom AI that fits your business realities and budgets. Marketing promotions powered by Aible are more profitable and more actionable.

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Inventory Stockout

When you stockout of inventory, you can lose sales and potentially long time customers. Aible will predict where it is more profitable for your business to hold more inventory, and where you can save on inventory costs, thus reducing inventory while improving profits.

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Customer Churn

Retaining customers you already have is often the best and easiest way to improve profitability and growth. Aible takes a few questions about your business to train AI on your customer data to show you exactly who is profitable to retain and what steps you can best take to do so.

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Fraud Detection

Not all fraud cases are equal. Aible uniquely weighs the impact of a true fraud case against the cost of investigating each one to optimize when to chase an alert and when to ignore it. Aible fits the recommendations to your organization's capacity so that you can action each profitably, and improve the metrics you care about.

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Hospital Readmission

When should you keep a patient, and when should you release them? It's better to hold him or her for a few extra days than to release them early and risk a complication or a readmission. This leads to less accurate models, but is better for patients and for the hospital.

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I can count on Aible to find the AI that improves my business. Aible provides the AI for me - the business guy - not the data scientist."

-Michael Kisch, Founder and CEO, Beddr

Aible gave me the optimized solution with just a few clicks and in a few minutes.”

– Charlie Merrow, CEO, Merrow Sewing Machine Company. Est.