Aible: Real World AI for Business Impact

Aible is an award-winning AutoML platform that enables citizen data scientists to rapidly build AI models.


Cost/Benefit Tradeoffs

The benefit of a correct prediction is never the same as the cost of a wrong one. Aible optimizes for the net business impact of the AI.

Model Requirements

Regulated industries need auditable AI. Customer service needs real-time results. Aible ensures your AI conforms.


Operational Constraints

Your operational constraints, like marketing budget or sales capacity, matter. Aible crafts an AI that respects those constraints and recommends optimizations.

Train Within Budget

Aible recommends and enforces your AI training budget.

Select AI for Business Impact

The winning AI optimizes business benefits, not data science metrics.


Understand Your AI

Analyze the cause-and-effect of different variables on a predicted outcome and compare scenarios to take the best next action.  


Double Check Assumptions

Would the winning AI change based on slight adjustments to the cost-benefit or constraints? Aible checks for you so that you can act with confidence.

How is Aible Different to Traditional AIs?