Aible is pleased to announce that Ken Comée
has joined the company as President.

Ken is a seasoned technology industry executive who has led companies spanning the software infrastructure, big data, healthcare and analytics spectrum. He has a track record of helping early stage companies reach their full potential and building high performing organizations to achieve high value. He most recently served as CEO of CareCloud, a pioneer in the ambulatory healthcare space, leading to its acquisition by MTBC. He led Cast Iron Systems, a platform for integrating cloud-based applications from SaaS providers with on-premise applications, from a start-up venture into the #1 brand in cloud integration with a ten-fold increase in revenue and a strategic acquisition by IBM as a foundational element of its cloud strategy.

Here, Ken talks about what attracted him to AI and Aible, how traditional enterprise AI is failing for many businesses, and how Aible is built from the ground up to deliver ROI.

Ken Comée
President, Aible
"To bring new products to market that are creative and unique, you’ve got to have a certain fearlessness."

Interview with Ken

Q: What is the most exciting aspect about Aible?

Ken: I absolutely believe that the best technologies serve democratization. It’s a big challenge to take a sophisticated and complex technology like AI and make it easy to use. With Aible there’s an immense opportunity to elevate the role of business teams that may not have data science skills or resources but understand business processes and outcomes. I deeply believe in Aible’s vision in arming business users with AI to enable them to do that and achieve more.


Q: What’s different about Aible’s approach to AI?

Ken: The enterprise AI market is growing by an order of magnitude. The real unmet need with AI is that no one is able to easily report financial gains from their AI investment. Aible has massive potential with a unique technology that solves that problem. What Aible is doing that’s different from anything that’s out there is that it speaks the language of businesspeople and is ultimately focused on one thing: delivering ROI. Aible is all about giving the business user the right tools and technology to get measurable impact quickly from AI.

"When the market starts to move towards you, that’s magic."

Q: What is it about working with early stage companies that you find so rewarding?

Ken: I’m hooked on the entrepreneurialism of doing something that others can’t or won’t do. When you think about large, mature businesses, they’re pretty much on auto pilot. They aren’t that nimble. They’re tankers. To make change in the marketplace, to bring new products to market that are creative and unique and differentiated, you’ve got to have a certain fearlessness. I enjoy the risk of executing outside the box of accepted technology norms. That’s always been fun for me. It’s a fighting spirit, an underdog spirit. It’s an environment of continuously controlled chaos. But when you get it right, and the market starts to move towards you, that’s magic.

Q: According to a survey by MIT-Sloan and the Boston Consulting Group, a mere 10% of companies report seeing financial gains from their AI investments. Why has traditional AI failed for business?

Ken: It’s clear that traditional AI has failed because up to this point, it’s been all about prediction and not much else. Prediction on its own is a static one-and-done event and doesn’t achieve business goals. You need to know how and where to act, especially in a post-COVID world, where business conditions aren’t constant. You need to be able to balance recommendations with business realities, anticipate change, and adjust quickly.

That’s what’s different about Aible. Aible focuses on the business objectives at the very beginning, takes into account the cost-benefit tradeoffs and resource constraints unique to your organization. It shows you how to optimize across opportunities and channels through changing market, competitive, seasonal and regulatory conditions.

Aible’s Prediction-Optimization-Anticipation approach makes our solution stand out and deliver real value to business users. Aible optimizes every decision and action with unmatched flexibility. Unlike traditional AI that trains a single model and limits you with rigid recommendations, Aible trains a frontier of models that provides a new level of flexibility and enables you to quickly respond to changing business conditions. And that will help every business optimize every outcome.

Q: Are business teams ready for AI?

Ken: 110% yes. The savviest business leaders - across every function and industry - who have gained a competitive advantage for their companies have embraced digital transformation. Especially in today’s economic climate, businesses that make data-driven decisions are the ones that are thriving. Moreover, enterprise software has evolved and become much more consumer-friendly, enabling business teams to adopt technologies including AI with on-hand resources and skill sets.

Q: What would you like to see Aible achieve in the next year or two?

Ken: We’re constantly listening to our customers, watching how they deploy our technology, and seeing how quickly Aible is delivering ROI for them. It’s been very heartening to see that customers who have struggled with AI in the past with other vendors are seeing immediate value with Aible. As long as we continue to deliver that kind of game-changing business impact, I think we’ll be in great shape. And so will our customers.